Him or Her?

Last week it was pouring heavily when I started from work. Its a good 5 minutes walk from my building to the bus stop, so as soon as I came out of the building I opened up the umbrella. Also, waiting outside the building were 2 people – 1 guy and 1 girl waiting for someone with an umbrella to proabably ask them to join. My instant reaction as soon as I opened the umbrella was ask the girl to join me – which she did. And i was feeling happy that my 1 good deed for the day is done.

Later, much later,I wondered what would have happened to that guy? Did the poor chap get anyone who had shared their umbrella with him? Did he run to the bus in the rain and get wet?

Why didnt I think of it before? Why didnt it even cross my mind to ask that guy? Even if I HAD asked him – would he have come with me or offered it up to that girl? If he was the only person there – would I have asked him? Or ignored and walked away? (Lots of people who had umbrellas werent sharing). Why did I show that difference?

What would anyone of you done, in my place?


4 thoughts on “Him or Her?

  1. lol ! maybe cos there is this big illusion that guys should not ask for help or are supposed to get out of thier problems on thier own :-)Me thinks even if on second thoughts after offering help to that lady; you had offered help to that guy, He would have said “No no” am ok will manage etc etc.. he henice thoughts though 🙂

  2. Sneha – You know what-I asked a male collegue and he said “It depends on how the girl was to look at!” – Typical!Santoz – I think you are right! He would have probably offered the help to the girl standing there and made me look like a fool for not asking her first!

  3. u r a lady wid a difference :)hi ! i dont kno how can i communicate wid u except these comments…its rare for me to get like minded people , as being a housewife , i stay home…nd alone , wud u like to b my frnd….reply to me at my mail id >> 00archana@gmail.com

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