The LA/Vegas/Grand canyon- Anniversary post!

Warning Warning! Its a long long post…

This time last year – we were in Las Vegas!! So, I JUST had to write this post to mark the 1st anniversary of an amazing holiday we had. ‘We’? Yes we – 9 of us…

9 friends – 2 pairs, 1 girl,4 guys. What a group! I remember the day a new airlines was launched in Columbus and they were selling real cheap tickets – So everyone booked the tickets in a hurry for a May trip way back in March and then began the planning. We only had 6 days and everyone had a fav ‘must see’ place. So, over endless cups of tea, when it was snowing outside – we sat and planned. Beginning from LA-Hollywood blvd-walk of fame/Kodak theatre/Santa Monica beach from the minute we landed – we were on the run…

Universal Studios – Our first stop on the 2nd day. What excitement. the 2 hour ride turned us into kids.Very first ride being the ‘Mummy Returns’ (Check it out here-though there is a Utube video to just give an idea of how scary it really can be! - – all other rides werent that scary! Jurassic park ride was good too-especially the deep drop into the water in the end… 🙂 By the end of the day we were ready to drop off… Our legs just wouldnt hold us up and it was just the beginning of the trip! We had dinner at a nice Indian restaurant and just dropped into slumber the minute we hit the bed.

The next day was the drive to Vegas. We realised how hot it could get only then! While it was still chilly in Columbus – LA was hot but Vegas – HOT! (In all sense) Awed by the buildings in the afternoon sun – we were dropped jawed thru our journey into the various casinos… Met the rest of the group only that evening and went exploring until way past 1 am. Returned reluctantly since AP was insisting that we get a good nights rest before we get to Grand Canyon the next day…

So Grand Canyon it was – but we sure didnt start as early as planned 🙂 Reached the West rim at exactly noon and the group split with 5 of them wanting to take the helicopter ride. The 4 of us (couples) were satisfied with the Skywalk – It does get scary when you look down 3000ft below – knowing you are standing on a sheet of glass. Me being scared of heights – it took me 2 rounds with hubby to finally take a walk all by myself in the center of the skywalk – and exhilarating it was!! Took like a million pictures though it was sweltering hot and we didnt get anything to eat – just cooked corn for us veggies where as AP had some chicken with difficulty. The sad part was we had to leave the place by 6.30pm and there was still more than an hour for the sun to set- so we never did get to see that ‘awe inspiring’ Grand Canyon at all…Though we got back to Vegas by 11pm no one had the energy to go casino hopping at that time – and bedtime it was.

Next day was Hoover dam which is just an hour and half drive – so everyone was lazy enough to stay in bed until past 9 and then reached hoover only by 12 (again in that hot desert sun).Once more it was a lot of Photo opportunity and back in Vegas (the 2 couples) by 3 pm while the rest of them went ahead to see the sunset in Grand Canyon – yes! all the way again…

Rested for a coupla hours and headed to the Strip beginning with the Stratosphere. Have to admit the rides are only and only for the strong hearted. Even saw a coupla girls in tears on the X-Scream ride ! Though hubby and L – APs wife had taken the tickets for atleast 1 ride – me and AP being weak at heart – absolutely refused to let them go!! So it was only the observation deck for us and back… And then for ‘The Strip’ – managed to catch most of the shows – Bellagio,Mirage,Treasure Island/The Venetian… But the only regret is I couldnt get to watch any Cirque Du Soleil shows ( in the casinos. Sometime somewhere – It still remains a dream…

By the time we had walked thru the strip like 4 times and we were tired/sleepy/irritated and to top it off got to know that the rest of them who had gone to Grand Canyon had met with an accident – MAJOR!! but thankfully none were hurt.So they were all taken in by the police and then dropped to a nearby motel. Though they did assure us that there was nothing we could do going there – it did bring a little pall of gloom to our upbeat holiday. We only thanked the stars that no one was seriously injured.

The end of the Vegas trip it was time to get back to LA the next morning. We had to keep 4 alarms to wake up at 6am after getting into bed way past 2am the previous night!! Disney Land (DL) awaited us in LA!! and there was no way we wanted to miss a single ride!! So off we went and were in LA by 10am!! Thankfully both L and me went to sleep in the back seat of the car-oblivious of the speed. After getting the tickets postponed for the 5 of them who were supposed to return – we reached DL by 11.30 – too late by AP’s estimation – which was true 😦 We did miss a lot of rides but packed in as many as we could – each one better than the other…By 8.30 we had done enough rides that our voices had become hoarse but we still couldnt stop talking!! Reached the hotel only by 10.30pm by which time the 5 of them had caught up with us and waiting in the hotel. Had another session of discussion and got into bed later than midnight – again!

The Awesome trip had to come to end eventually! And on 31st we took the flight back to Columbus-back to hectic work schedules and deadlines. But the excitement and the activities of the trip kept us going like a ‘kick’ for another week – regaling the stories
to anyone/everyone who would care to listen!

And today-As I look at the zillions of photos of that trip – (5 cameras-can you imagine the number of photos? :-p ) I can recall every incident/every place we visited with clarity – and can live in this nostalgia, with a smile for another couple of days… THE most eventful/lively trip ever had…


One thought on “The LA/Vegas/Grand canyon- Anniversary post!

  1. i swear ! all those places are so cool ! i went to all these places u ve written about expect grand canyon couple of months back ! blogged about them.. tagged ‘USA’Vegas is awesome 🙂 lost 44 somehting dollars

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