The Week and Kareena Kapoor?!

Meanwhile, I happened to glance at the latest The Week magazine and guess what?!! The cover story is all about Kareena Kapoor – her movies and men in her life!! I was aghast!

What with the Jaipur Blast and the China earthquake arent there enough serious issues to print than Kareena Kapoor’s life?!!

Well – Its completely acceptable if she is on the cover of any filmy magazine – Filmfare/stardust etc etc; but the cover page and cover story on Kareena Kapoor in The Week? Thats acceptable too if there wasnt much else happening around the world… and I do enjoy reading all these stuff about filmstars and their life but I guess there’s some kind of standard thats expected out of magazines like ‘The Week’…

What say?


2 thoughts on “The Week and Kareena Kapoor?!

  1. With internet offering newspapers and magazines online for free, the print media is already struggling for survival… And, with these umpteen news channels chewing the Jaipur blasts to death, what do u expect “The Week” to do? How many people, do u think, will purchase the magazine with gory pictures on the cover page? With KK hogging the limelight, atleast a few fans will purchase the magazine and the magazine might break even on the costs and survive to fight another day…

  2. Exactly Nikhil, you wouldnt expect magazine like The Week to resort to such cheap gimmicks to get it to sell… It does lower any ardent readers of such magazines to loose interest rather than increase the sales… The increase in sales (if it really did make a difference) would be just for this issue – not the subsequent ones – dont you think? Also, the same can be again as you said-viewed/read online for free…

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