Humanity – Lost?

There is nothing on earth divine except humanity.
The other day I was crossing the road and saw a blind man standing at the bus stop wanting to get into a particular bus. There were 3 buses, right there going to the same destination but the people were in such a pressing hurry getting into these buses that no one botehred to tell that man that the bus did go there. Forget helping him – everoen just rushed past him, nudging him so much so that he was struggling to keep his balance and not knowing where he was being pushed! Once I crossed the road I told that man that there was a bus that was going where he wanted to and was about to take him to the bus when suddenly someone getting into the bus realised that he could be of some help – came to us and took the blind man by the arm and told him that he will help him get to his destination. The rest of the people who had rushed to get into the bus not only bothered to look in our direction but even snickered at the good samaritan who offered to help! But why?

I dont understand. The poor man could not see-all he needed was some assistance in getting into the bus. He wasnt expecting anything more from his fellow beings. And he DEFINITELY wasnt begging!! How long does it take to tell that person that the bus goes to his destination or not? What does it take to take that man by the arms and help him into the bus before you? And if you dont want to do it why snicker at someone who did?!! Are you in such a GREAT hurry that you can stop for a minute to
help a person in need? It really pissed me off – why are people so embarassed to even look at that blind man? Does it make him an untouchable? He’s no criminal and its not his fault that he’s blind. What would all those people do if someone they love/care for someone in their own family was blind/deaf/ handicapped?

And why the general apathy towards anyone who is imperfect? Everytime I see someone on a wheelchair/with a walking stick or a hearing aid I thank God that he’s given me everything in its proper order and its right place. I am so fortunate to have everything thats taken for granted that so many people struggle without. The least bit I/anyone who calls themselves ‘normal’ human beings can do is help someone when they need it most. It doesnt take money to help a blind man/old man cross the road,
give way to a handicapped, cant we put soemone else before us even for just a moment? Are we all *so* selfish? Whats the biggest hurry in life? – all it takes is a little humanity. Does it need to be taught? Isnt it something what every human is supposed to have?

(Well – to add to it – In US They have buses where the platform can be lowered to the level of the footpath so anyone on a wheelchair/an old person can get into the bus without a struggle. They also have footpaths/entrances to offices which aer wheelchair friendly – I dont expect that to happen here over night- its only the attitude of the people that really puts me off)

“If each man or woman could understand that every other human life is
as full of sorrows, or joys, or base temptations, of heartaches and of
remorse as his own . . . how much kinder, how much gentler he would

A kind and compassionate act is often its own reward.


3 thoughts on “Humanity – Lost?

  1. whatever you’ve written is very sad, but very true ! its not humanity, humanity is a bigger thing and has a deeper meaning i guess, Its basic sensitivity that we are losing bit by bit is what i feel. and i mean we all.and also i think its not only about physically challenged people not getting the right help or attention from the so called abled people, but even about life and with people in general, we are all becoming insensitive, intolernat to small weaknessses, needs, handicaps, of others. In short – SELFISH !

  2. True and sad!!!Have had umpteen such experiences in Mumbai… I do recollect men occupying seats meant for women and old people and refusing to vacate them even when prompted to do so… Normal (ha!) ppl travelling in compartments meant for the blind… Rather than blaming them, I would just do my bit and just hope they have some shame left in their conscience and do not repeat such cheap acts again…

  3. Funny, I have written something similar to this just today.. :-p.. great minds and all that I guess.Anyways CNN IBN features a program called Citizen Journalist. The advertisement for it caught my attention. This young good looking girl in Jeans and Tshirt faints on the road and immediately 3-4 people rush to help her. The next shot shows an old untidy ragged looking man writhing in the middle of the road and everyone walking around him, not one person stopping to help.Our conscience is a biased thing dearie. Coz I doubt I would have helped the old man either… not proud of it..but thats a fact.Agree???

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