My US Memories for the day

After a long time again today I remembered a lot of things about our stay in US…

– We were discussing a program on NatGeo about Plane Crashes and I remembered the flight to SFO when we were a few minutes from landing, we could see the bay bridge in a distance down below and suddenly it felt as if we were falling down! The plane lost 1000s of mtrs of altitude suddenly which scared everyone on board – that was the first time I really got a feel of how it could be if the plan were to fall down!

– Another discussion about Google Maps – I was asked if we used Google Maps in US to get the directions and distances. I remembered all the print outs we took on all our trips – especially the LA/Vegas/Grand Canyon (Oh yeah! the anniversary for it is in a few days-expect another blog on that 🙂 ) and also borrowed GPS from friends so we dont get lost… But the most memorable one is the time the GPS could not catch the signal and we lost our way in the alleys of Philadelphia which is known for its street fights.

– I had wanted to write a post on hubby’s arrival in Columbus but looks like I’ll just put it in here… We were taking about Bhendi ki sabji which made me recall that day he landed in Columbus. Like a very dutiful wife I wanted to prepare his fav dishes of Carrot Halwa and Bhendi fry. It being a Monday – I prepared the Carrot Halwa on sunday night slogging until 12.30 with no khoya and with low fat milk!! It took all of 4 hours to complete it (though well worth the effort as I did get good
feedback on it from everyone :-)) Well, back to bhendi – called mom and asked her the method of preparing it. Cut everything put it in the pan with little oil – basically did everything she had said and in that order.I waited and waited for the bhendi to get rid of its stickiness for more than 20mins – and when I opened the pan I saw that it had all burnt black and shrivelled. I was so disappointed – I didnt know what to do. Since I was confident that its a simple thing, I hadnt written down everything mom had told me… I called her immediately-it was 5-5.30 in the morning in Blore, and screamed at her! She calmly asked me the procedure I had followed and told me that I had forgotten to add tamarind water into the pan! Oh Shoot! And that had messed up the entire thing… Finally I only served him some curry with rice and the halwa – without the Bhendi Sabji… And the darling that he is – he didnt mind it a bit and was glad that I had atleast made an attempt at preparing something he liked! And even to this day he supports me and says that I cook well to anyone
who cares to ask!! *Grinn*


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