To Wear or not to wear…

A lot has been spoken/written on the way women dress and how they blame the lady if she’s been raped or leered at that she invited the trouble just because she chose to wear whatever she wanted to. And I’ve always maintained that its ridiculous male chauvanism – again! that the men behave like animals and blame the women as the cause for it!!

But, on sunday night on our way back home at around 9.30pm we saw a couple on a bike – the lady was wearing thin sphagetti straped top which exposed most of her back and she seemed to be very comfortable though it was obvious she knew men all around her at the traffic signal were staring. For a moment I really admired the girl’s confidence to wear something like that and carry it off and still seemed nonplussed that people were staring. It seemed that the couple too stay somewhere closer to where we live and we kept seeing them at every signal after that. At one
such signal the guys on the bike were staring so horribly that finally the girl got conscious and probably told the guy and he moved the bike a little farther away from prying eyes.

That was when I thought that it might really be dangerous for that girl to be wearing something like that – on a bike and late in the night, travelling to a lonely area. Despite having a male companion I felt that it was truely not safe – coz you never know what lurks behind a hidden alley – in the dark! (Looks like I’m reading too many novels!). The girl definitely has all rights to be wearing what she wants – but she could’ve given a little forethought and carried a coat or a shawl with her so she could use that to stay safe atleast during the journey-until
they reach the destination.Or even if they were in a car away from prying eyes it would’ve been a lot more safer…

Its not a question of having the rights to wear what we want/like – I would still blame the men for staring/leering/whistling/flashing and what not!! but a little thought/care from our end goes a long way in protecting ourselves and preventing any untoward incidents which we might be unable to forget or even regret later all our lives…


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