Akshya Tritiya – A day to pray for husbands?

Today is akshaya Tritiya – a day when whatever you buy will multiply. So far I had heard people buying gold on this day and worshipping Goddess Lakshmi for money and prosperity. But the latest that I’ev had to face – is to pray for the prosperity of your husband. Something new thats been introduced by the newspapers! So, there I was all set to pray to Goddess Lakshmi today morning on MILs insistance that she suddenly said – Itseems, today you have to pray for the well being and prosperity of
your husband. I was so shocked! There already are so many so called festivals to pray for the long life/prosperity/health blah blah for your husband and now they are introducing one more!! How typically male chauvanistic is that?!! :-O And pray why?

Is it that I will pray for my husband’s health/wealth and prosperity only on a couple of days in a year? I want all the men in my life – Dad,Brother,Hubby,FIL to be healthy/happy and successful/prosperous all through the year – and yes – in that order-(No health – nothing else matters anyway). Also if I dont pray on these days does it mean that what they do have now wont last? And well – I will pray for all these for my hubby say, who would pray for me? Would he be happy if I wasnt healthy/happy? Im pretty sure that none of them would be happy if I wasnt happy or healthy… But who insists that they have to pray for me? or for the women in their lives? Mom,sister,wife? Doesnt the same set of rules apply to them too?

Well, I do pray and I do believe in God and I know that with all my heart I want all these men in my life happy. Im also glad that I dont need to prove it to any of these men about it, just by praying on some media hyped day. Just like the Karva Chauth in the north now Akshaya Thritiya is taking on monsterous proportions of popularity and forced customs-all made out by the media and the business minded.Im sad that there is no authenticity to the whole thing and the actual meaning of praying has diminished.

(Wrote this on Akshya Tritiya but couldnt post it.)


4 thoughts on “Akshya Tritiya – A day to pray for husbands?

  1. I think these festivals/fasts etc need to reform to survive. Now 'Karvachauth' is turning into an Indian Valentine's Day – thanks to Shahrukh Khan in DDLJ, men realize they too need to show their love to their partners. (Basically now they don't need to build a Taj Mahal after she dies, they can show her they care, while she can still appreciate it).It's unbelievable that women are, on one hand, criticized (by men) for being too involved, too possessive etc in relationships, and on the other pressurized to express their devotion and care by fasting (and wearing symbols of matrimony etc too). We do men grave injustice by depriving them of similar guidance and opportunities to show they care. And then we wonder why men don't show they care! I guess all these festivals will eventually change into days for expressing affection by both the partners (not necessarily married, or married to each other) or else they will become obsolete.

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