Thunderstorms and Snowstorms

Its been pouring rain the last couple of days in Blore. And today I just managed to get into the bus before the clouds burst open and the winds blew in full force. It was a sight to see – all that raw power in the rain and high winds. On the way home I was thinking of all the storms that I’ve seen…

Way back in school-the school had just begun in June and Mom had come to pick me and Brother up in a TVS 50. Just as we started back it started to pour – hailstones and all and the TVS got water logged and just stopped. Nothing we did could start it again by which time we were already 90% wet. Mom urged me and Bro to run back home while she waited out the fierce rain and walked back home pushing the TVS along with our wet school bag…A very vivid memory of me and bro dripping wet and running back home πŸ™‚

After that I guess I kind of steered clear of any such bad weather. But last year in
Columbus – Valentine’s Eve to be precise got stuck in the middle of a snow storm… It had been snowing since the day I landed a couple of weeks before and I was still fascinated by all that snow.Everytime we (with friends) went out I had to be brought back to the job at hand-I used to loose myself in all that snow. Well, on Feb 13th we were asked to leave office early as the storm was supposed to start around 5ish in the evening but by the time my friends and I could get out of the office it was well past 4 by which time it had started to snow steadily. There were 2 cars – R’s and A’s and I stuck with R with whom I went to office that day, to drop me back home. As luck would have it, we got stuck in the traffic jam. What usually took 25mins from office to home took nearly 2.5 hours and A who left with us took another route and reached home within an hour! To top it off R’s car had to come up with some trouble that day – Everytime we started the heater and moved a few inches (yeah we were just moving in inches) the car would start to whine loudly! We were soo worried that the car will konk out that we turned off the heater! In the snow storm – the snowfall consistently increasing,the traffic hardly moving, R frustrated that it had already taken us more than an hour on the same street (he had forgotten all about Hosur Road by then!) and I was freezing as we couldnt switch on the heater! Wow! What an experience. The best part was that I enjoyed it! *grinnn* yeah I sure did… all that snow I saw over the next couple of days – stuck alone at home with not even a mattress to sleep on, the evening that I spent playing in snow and the eerie glow of the snow caused by the street lamps at night…

Ofcourse add to that the threat that the power lines may snag and we might not have power-friends had told me that I would have to carry my comforter and go sit inside their car with the heater on! Wow! What thrill – fortunately didnt get that chance
πŸ™‚ Too good…

I Dont think I will ever forget that snow storm and am still besotted with snow-despite the experience…And missed being in Columbus this year where the snow fall was much higher – guess it was highest since 1920! Should’ve been there to enjoy it, is what Im thinking when friends there are cribbing… πŸ™‚


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