Yesterday evening I came home with a slight temperature and very uneasy. Not able to control himself – hubby told MIL that I had fever. She touched me, said ‘Yeah, you are warm – eat your dinner, take some medicine and sleep – you’ll be fine by tomorrow morning’. Which was what I did… Meanwhile she proceeded to ‘nazar utarna’ for him while I continued to have dinner. We both just looked at each other surprised (he was perfectly fine!) and kept quiet.

Today morning when I went down all ready to have breakfast and leave for work, she asked me:
She: how are you feeling now?
Me: Fine, much better.
She: Will you take your lunch from home?
Me: No, I’ll stick to fruits for today – think I’ll give my stomach some rest.
She: But, why? You havent been eating out at all…
Me: Amma, full weekend i’ve eaten out! Havent had any meals at home…
She: (Relief in her voice) – Yeah, maybe you are right – take care.

By then I had finished my breakfast and washing my hand. She came up behind me,turned me and did ‘Nazar utarna’ for me too… then she said: “I spoke to someone yesterday morning and that lady was praising both of you… how we are all a family and how we take care of each other, how well we all get along with each other etc etc; and she was saying it in a very jealous way…and then the next thing I know you come home sick. I got very worried that the lady must have had an evil eye – so I did this. I wanted to do it yesterday but you looked so tired that I left it and waited till morning to do it. Now off you go – you’ll miss your bus otherwise – You’ll be fine by the time you come back!”

She rarely ever calls me but today called me in the afternoon – just to ask how I was feeling, if I had my lunch and did I need any medicine! I was so overwhelmed! Here is the mom I was always looking for, in her. Though the son came first-I came a verrry close second! And I’m happy,very happy.And touched 🙂


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