…….You say it is hard for you to change.

Ofcourse it is hard to jog along in humdrum toil for the sake of being honest when acquaintances all round are getting rich by leaps and bounds.

Ofcourse it takes courage:

~to refuse to bend the knee to questionable methods,lies,schemes and fraud,when they are so generally used.
~to tell the exact truth when a little deception or a little departure from the right would bring great temporary gain.
~to refuse to be bribed when it could be covered up by a little specious mystification.
~to stand erect when by bowing and scraping to people with a pull you can get inside information which will make you win what you know others must lose.
~to determine never to put into your pocket a dirty dollar,a lying,deceitful dollar,a dollar that drips with human sorrow,or a dollar that has made some poor gullible wretch poorer,or has defeated another’s cherished plans,or robbed him of ambition or education.
But this is what character is for.This is what back bone and stamina were given us for,—-to stand for the right and oppose the wrong,no matter what the results.

Do we have it? …


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