SFO and Ghirardelli

Writing about chocolates reminded me of the yummy hot brownie fudge sundae I had at Ghirardelli square in SFO. When SIL got to know that we were spending 3 days at SFO, knowing my love for chocolates she suggested we eat/buy chocolates at Ghirardelli Square. On the first day we didn’t know where it was so we just spent all the time at the fisherman’s wharf and generally did all the touristy things. But when I spoke to SIL again that night she insisted that we had to eat there at least the next day (it being our last day in US of A!). So the next day we went in search of the place. Ghirardelli’s has a huge square near the Fisherman’s wharf and they have their own cafe’ where they serve yummy chocolates/ice creams in all unimaginable varieties of chocolates. They even make chocolates and fudge right there!

We had a chocolate coated strawberry – which unfortunately was sour 😦 and then I ordered the special Brownie sundae and hubby ordered the famous hot fudge sundae. Waiting for our order we saw how they made the fudge (just thinking about it is making my mouth water now) When our orders came to his dismay hubby found that it had a lot of honey – which he just cant eat but it looked soo tempting that he ate all the fudge part without the honey 😛 As for me – what do you think?! I cherished and enjoyed and was simply lost in the taste – eating every spoon of that yummy ice cream along with that hot melting brownie and chocolate fudge! yuummmmmm. Took a couple of chocolates for little brother and he loved it too. But him being in Stanford he can eat there whenever he wants… *I’m Jealous*

On the down side – I can still remember that taste and now, even the cake fudge at corner house doesn’t taste as good!


4 thoughts on “SFO and Ghirardelli

  1. Sorry Wifey, I beg to differ. The ice-creams, in general, are better here in India. Its too sweet in US of A. I prefer a cake fudge in corner house anytime over any American ice-cream. Hubby.

  2. Yep… Very true Sharath… I would trade any ice-cream from here for a Indian Kulfi or a Dew Drop Sundae from Corner House any day… And I bet that my wifey would trade any ice-cream from here for a Death-by-Chocolate from Corner house any day…

  3. While I have to agree with ur Husband RS. I do wish you would stop killing me by writing so much about chocolates.I seem to be spending half the time in a chocolate daze :-P( I had added this comment y’day…but it didn’t get posted for some reason)

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