Fitness – Finally…

We’ve both been thinking of getting fitter for quite sometime now. He wanting to loose weight and me wanting to build more stamina – we have totally different needs. And what with the many fitness centers that have sprung up like mushrooms around home and watching really thin people going in and out of it everyday – we decided to make up our minds too 🙂

So this Saturday We went to check out a few of these centers. Can you believe that these 2 are just 3 buildings apart from one another?Most of the gyms have these standard 2 treadmills and 1 step-up and a couple of weight instruments (or should I say machines?). Also they didn’t have any trainers to keep a check on the weight loss or even if we are doing the right exercises. So, we wanted to check out a more ‘reputed’ gym/fitness center a little further from home and were really impressed.It has all that we were looking for – enough trainers/physiotherapists and dietitians who would put us on a fast track to loosing weight and getting fitter.

So hubby finally joined yesterday and he’s already feeling lighter on the pocket by a good 15K (hehehe) and as for me – the guy there said I didn’t need to loose any weight! wow! Felt good hearing that – but now I’m tempted to go too… atleast for a couple of months – by which time that guy promises I can build up stamina AND loose some flab! Hmmm, I sure am interested -very curious to know the ‘fat content’in my body (they do a thorough checkup as soon as we join – he already finished his!). Another incentive is that we both can do something together! They also teach salsa there but *sigh* – one look from him said it all…

Well Am still confused and thinking – do I or don’t I – timings is a problem what with reaching home at different times everyday. Might end up being impulsive today and just go for it – hell! whats 6K when it comes to fitness – right?


3 thoughts on “Fitness – Finally…

  1. I have already wasted my money on fitness centers… went for a week.. but could not keep up with work schedule and lack of sleep with going there too 😦

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