Tuition Saga

Read this and it reminded me of my childhood. Of days when I didn’t have to go to tuition and my parents were strictly against it!

I remember when I was in the 1st standard, I had a friend who went to tuition. I thought it was something great and so wanted to go with her.My parents refused. They said I didn’t need tuition and they were very happy with my marks (At the time, I always stood first in class) and that they would rather prefer me playing until 7 pm and then get done with my homework and in bed by 9 pm. But no! I wanted to go… So one evening without telling anyone I just took my school bag and said I’m going out to play and ran out of the house before anyone could see me. I went happily with my friend to her tuition classes finished my home work by which time it was past 6.30. I panicked and decided to run home before it got too dark. As I reached our street I found granny and grandpa standing outside near the gate and Dad and mom searching for me! They had found that I had taken my school bag with me and realised that I had gone for tuition with my friend – gone to that tuition lady’s house only to be told that I had left and they had called the police! (That’s what Dad said at that time) I was thoroughly taken to task for lying and going when they had refused. Also,since I had already finished my home work, was made to go to bed by 8 pm (I HATED going to bed early) which was my punishment! I can still recall very vividly, me standing on the blue sofa and Dad sitting on it, so he came to my height, and telling me that he’s called the police and they would reach any minute. Then I remember him calling the police to say I had come home and they weren’t needed. I had freaked out! (Years later Dad said he faked the call and they hadn’t called the police at all since they knew where I was).

So finally, I had missed 2 hrs of my play time, got scolded AND put to bed early all because I went to tuition! And today I see that parents are sending their LKG,UKG studying kids to tuition – just so they get some peace of mind at home. I really pity those small kids who are cooped up in a room and made to recite endless rhymes and write A,B,C,Ds

Thanks Appa and Amma for not sending me to tuition so early in life and letting me enjoy all those years of carefree playing in the evenings and not letting me get bogged down with work so early in life…


One thought on “Tuition Saga

  1. Reading this, I recalled those umpteen moments in my childhood when I was “threatened” with the cop-scare and was made to do things which I would have never done otherwise… Nice trip down the memory lane to those childhood days…

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