Daal Batti Churma and other food memories

Yesterday night we had dinner at a rajasthani food court. Looking at the menu we were thinking what to order when Dal batti Churma caught our attention. Brought back memories of US – yes, again!

We remembered the time when Keerti took the trouble of cooking Daal Batti Churma for us on a week day. Our last week at Columbus was full of eating at friends’ houses as we had a lot of shopping and packing and wrapping up to do and they all offered to help so that I didnt have to worry about cooking. Since everyone was inviting us and preparing something special Keerti decided that since no one would be preparing any authentic rajasthani food and we had never eaten any before she would cook it for us. I remember on a wednesday we went to their house at 8 pm and she had cooked everything HOT. The bhatti as I know takes a LOT of time and she had spent the entire day preparing it – just for us! It was soo filling that we both had to skip breakfast the next day!

This also reminds me of the innumerable times she brought over parathas or khichdi for us at lunch/dinner time 🙂 I especially remember the time they called to ask if I was home from work and brought over hot saabudaana khichdi because a friend at work had told KK that I regularly miss lunch at work!

Keerti – Thanks for introducing us to your speciality! We still remember the taste of that Daal Bhatti Churma – full of ghee and love! (Very senti? – yeah it makes me soo).


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