I’ve always been known to put things off… I always start something with full enthusiasm – spend loads of money on buying the best stuff, work on it for 2 days and then *poof* all that enthu and all that josh just vanishes.

Today morning I noticed my glass painting lying there in 2 weeks of dust – untouched 😦 Have another couple of hours to complete it but I am just not able to move my butt to sit in front of it and complete it. Now hubby is adamant I finish this one too before we give the other one for frame – he wants to give both of them together and get matching frames and he’s so stubborn that he’s refused to even get me the next on my wish list – a quick stitch kit *boohooo*

And now he’s been telling me that I will soon start getting lazy about blogging too. And it just hit me that I haven’t written in the past 5 days! So decided to post something and prove him wrong! 🙂 Also – currently I’m enjoying blogging soo much that I don’t think I’m gonna stop very soon!

*Sigh* I guess I better get to it sooner than later…


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