Columbus Memoirs

I’ve realised that I cant stop bugging people (anyone who would care to listen) about our stay in Columbus/adventures in US (hehe nice way to put it). Anything and everything that comes to my mind – I go on and on. Suddenly at lunch time today I realised that I need to stop doing that – else people might just stop talking to me! Am now wondering how many people have thought that I’m smitten by the US of A! :-O

Its that I have such really good memories of the place and the people that I cant stop thinking wistfully – what if we hadnt come back? How much more fun would we have had, how many more new friends would we have made, how many more new places we would have seen…

So beginning today – i’m going to start writing all those memories of 8 months in USA -not just Columbus, here, rather than biting someone’s ears off!

Also on second thoughts – wouldnt it be a great place to put it all – so that its a diary of sorts and I can revisit it whenever….And all those people featured in these memories can also get to read it!

So watch out for more stories here… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Columbus Memoirs

  1. i know and completely agree ! when i came back from US and went to bombay, i could not stop bragging and flauting stories, incidents to the point of being called a show=off 🙂 but i care a damn ! i went there and they dint ! be jealous… burn and die :p was my message to them he he ! I capured my full US visit on my blog too, but mine was only 15 days 😦

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