Valentine’s Day – Of Hype and Mushy Romance

OK – finally after reading for nearly 2 weeks about all the sale/special offers and blatant advertising from the various retailers to gift your loved one anything from a red rose to diamonds to ipods and mobiles – the day is now over!

I was tired of seeing pages and pages of pink/red heart advertisements everywhere for the past 2 weeks! 2 weeks? Its like hitting a person and saying – hey! u NEED to gift something to your loved one to show that u love him/her – and this time red roses/candle light dinners and greeting cards were a strict no no! Thats so passe’ – you need to cook/take them out for a holiday/buy the latest gizmo and for her – a diamond! Pleaaassseeee! Is that all love is? The costlier your gift – more love you have? And what if one doesnt know to cook?!! God Forbid! If I burn that special dish – does it mean I dont love hubby?!

I noticed that the florist near home had 3 bucket full of red roses which by the time I got back home – none were left. I saw a couple of girls in the office carrying bunches of red roses and gift wrapped packs which did make me smile …

I do like the concept of wishing your loved one on valentine’s day – how many times in a year would you express your love/heartfelt appreciation to your loved one – just for being there in your life? And I am a die-hard romantic myself. I love those pictures of couples in cards/photo frames… Hubby keeps saying that i’m in love with ‘Love’ itself :-p (What ever that means!) I find romantic scenes even in action movies – Now, how many people can give me one romantic scene in movies like Company and Guru?

Some of my personal favourites :

1. Mera Saaya movie – Sadhana and Sunil Dutt – Wondering “Hey! But thats a murder mystery!” – But has anyone seen that scene when she wakes him up and says she’s going to the temple? Or the scene when he gets her ‘mangalsutra’ repaired? Oh! Every scene that has the 2 of them? Thats the kind of love I always wanted between me and hubby -much before I even met him 🙂 I’ve watched that movie soo many times that I can close my eyes and see those scenes all over again…

2. Movie Aandhi – Sanjeev Kumar and Suchitra Sen – All those scenes in flashback… Few scenes in Maine pyar kiya, hum aapke hai kaun (ever noticed the romance between Monish Bhel and Rennuka Sahane?)

3. The scene in company – 2 actually – Ajay Devgan and Manisha Koirala – when she notices that its raining? (it hardly lasts for a few seconds actually) and one of Vivek Oberoi and Antara maali – that rain song?

4. Tum se milke – song from Parinda, Aate jaate from Maine pyar kiya, Ofcourse I HAVE to mention – ‘Jab koi baath bigad jaaye’ which has sort of become ‘our song’ today…

There was a time when ‘Dheere dheera machal ye dile bekaraar’ from Mamta (I think) which held a lot of meaning 🙂

5. Some english like “Where ever you go what ever you do” by Richard Marx and ‘ And I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston and “Everything I do” by Bryan Adams. Oh Yeah! Nothing to beat Kenny G’s saxophone – truely romantic…

Last but not the least – Ever heard ‘tunturu alli neera haadu’? kannada movie -‘Amruthavarshini’ beautifully sung by Chitra,superb photography, sweet picturisation – I love everything about this song. Simple and best.

I cant recall anymore right now – but I find such small gestures and looks that most people dont notice – even within family/friends. Later when I mention them to hubby – he’s like – ‘hey! but how do u notice such things? I hardly ever notice even things that are in plain view!”

Guess I’m in love with ‘Love’ 🙂 And try to find it in everyday mundane life…

PS:I didnt attempt to cook anything that day :-)Lest he thinks I dont love him!:-P


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