The Herd Mentality

Saturday night at Transit in Forum- All counters are full and overflowing with people. Hubby went to get something to eat for us and though he’s standing in the queue for 10 mins he never got to the counter as people didn’t bother about the queue and went to the counter directly causing a lot of confusion. Everyone wanted to be served first – and their orders taken first. Finally hubby had to tell someone to follow the queue. The guy said – ” Ok boss! I didn’t know there was a queue – don’t get angry!” – What are all those people standing behind one another, fools? Cant he even recognize a queue? Its just that he didn’t want to stand in that queue -he wanted to get his order in first – 2 hoots to those people who want to follow some kind of order!

This reminded me of another incident almost an year back – at the Bombay International Airport. There were a lot of people traveling in that Air India flight at 8 am in the morning. I finished all formalities almost an hour early and decided to close my eyes for a while, waiting for the announcement for boarding. 10 mins later I open my eyes to see that there are people sitting at the boarding gate on the floor! There were plenty of seats for all those people to sit comfortably till the boarding call and there was still 45 mins! All the others who finished their security checks – joined that crowd of people sitting on the floor at the gate- hello! Cant you see that there are enough chairs for everyone? Why sit on the floor? And its not like, its some bus stop/train station where as soon as the bus/train comes you have to rush to catch a seat else you will have to travel standing! Everyone has a seat and they know where they need to sit – then why sit at the gate like you would sit on a platform in a bus stand/train station? And yeah -as expected as soon as the gates opened everyone just rushed! Nobody bothered if they were calling for old/disabled people or for travelers with children – everyone wanted to go first! finally the guards at the gate gave up and just let everyone rush! It was total Chaos…

And the Irony is – When we landed in Frankfurt for refueling – we were all herded out into an enclosure where we had to wait for an hour – and when the call came for boarding again – the same people waited until their seat numbers were called – not just waited for the old/disabled – amazing! and disgusting – why couldn’t they follow the same thing back in Bombay( Mumbai)? Why as soon as they come back to our country they start behaving so uncouth and the minute they step out of the country they know all their manners? What is it that makes them disregard others here when they go all out of their way to please others, somewhere else? Why is it that common sense completely becomes uncommon in our own land where as everyone’s in their best behavior outside? Or should I be happy that atleast they don’t behave like that outside the country lest the other Indians get embarrassed? I don’t really understand this behavior at all…


5 thoughts on “The Herd Mentality

  1. Yo Wifey, way to go!! I remember falling off my chair( due to shock) when you narrated the airport indident back then. An addition to the Forum-Transit soon as I “requested” that person to follow the queue, everone else sheepishly fell back. It just shows the sorry state of affairs in our country. I think it breeds from an utter lack of respect for the system and the individuals that form the system. Things are taken for granted and the ‘sabkuch chalta hai’ mentality hurts everyone. It was hilarious to see that the same person who was pushing his way through the crowd rebuked another person for trying to get to the counter before him–“Kya Sir, dekh nahi sakte ke main pehle khada hu” (Am sure they were Kannadigas speaking to each other in Hindi–as usual).

  2. I remember my first day in the company bus when everyone was entering the bus in a single row without any hassle. My last day in Bangalore — it resembled like people entering the a BTS bus which seemed like offering a free ride.These same ppl will act like the most polished citizens of the world when they step in the land of Uncle Sam… Just that the attitude is “Sab Kuch Chalta hai”… But one thing is, if you point out their fault, they will fall in line and obey the discipline… So, its just a matter of showing them the mirror… Lets do it ourselves and hope that everyone does the same…

  3. he he never noticed herd mentality on bangalore roads ? One guy cuts across on the wrong lane on an already jammed road and all the others follow ! Me left wondering how stupid can people get ! If you all go ahead on the wrong lane, arent we going to jam the on coming traffice as well ! Well Well.. ! 🙂

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