Our National Anthem

I remember when we were kids and went to watch any movie at the theatre (Which were very few and far between) they used to play the National Anthem at the end of the movie. But after a time they stopped it since the crowd- once the movie was over, just walked off from the hall not waiting to stand and pay respect to our National Anthem.

Recently we went to watch the kannada movie ‘GaaLipata’in a fairly new theatre.We went right on time (which rarely ever happens) and as we were settling down the following message came on screen ‘Please stand up for the National Anthem’.I admit I was pretty surprised – generally,we only get to see some advertisements or trailers before the movie begins.But I was glad that everyone at the theatre stood up.Some with popcorn/pepsi in hand too.

The video was about our Indian soldiers at the Siachen border in freezing cold and snow. There is one shot that really got to me – Heavy,bone chilling winds with snow thats blowing so hard that its almost knocking the Indian flag down. But there stood 1 soldier who was using his entire body to support the flag post and prevent it from falling and trying to hold it upright.I really had goose flesh on my arms seeing that.

I do and have stood up everytime I hear our National Anthem – thanks to an ingrained habit since school where we had all those Independence Day and Republic day celebrations and years of being in the school band set.

And I have a lot of respect to those great men/women leave their families and be prepared to bearthe harsh winters and desert summers to protect India’s borders.
My standing ovation to all those soldiers who fight for our country in inhumane conditions while we enjoy life in our cities.

Mera Bharath Mahan!


4 thoughts on “Our National Anthem

  1. And do u know abt the “Siachen syndrome”? Anyone who stays at that height for more than 6 months develops amnesia due to lack of sufficient oxygen to the brain for a prolonged amount of time… Almost all the soldiers who stay in Siachen suffer from amnesia… Hats off to their bravery and courage… Our contribution? Stand for a minute in an AC room (with popcorn and soda in our hand) before seeing a 3 hr movie…

  2. Nikhil, Yeah I truely agree with you – after watching that video I felt very very small and insignificant. What really are we doing? My uncle being in the army speaks of a lot of gory tales – that begin righ from the training sessions for these jawans-still they do it – it needs a LOT of determination to go ahead with such a rigorous training and fight for our country.

  3. There was a debate on this very thing in NDTV’s “We the People”. I dunno if u had a chance to see it.Most people were enraged that the comment “Please stand up for the the anthem” comes on. they felt they knew what to do and they should not be threatened to stand up for the anthem. I believe people actually left before the end of the film jst so they could miss out on the anthem. It seems like forcing the people to be patriotic and respect the anthem and that never works.As the ppl in that forum said.. respect for the anthem should be from the heart and not coz of peer pressure and coz some guy threatens you.TN theaters have removed the anthem altogether.. thank God! This way the ppl can watch the movie and the Anthem can be saved from any disrespect :-p

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