Faith Display

At lunch today I saw a lot of people with some gray/black mark on their foreheads and was wondering what all that was about. Then saw a collegue with the same mark too and asked her what it was – she said that its ash and its Ash Wednesday today – the beginning of Lent and a time for fasting until Easter.

But what struck me was that most of them had been to the church early in the morning to pray and get that ash on their foreheads by the Father and they had all come to office like that too.Without rubbing it off/washing it off or even tampering with it until it looked neat!

Something to learn from I guess – atleast for me – I dont like to carry any marks of my prayer (very few and far between anyways)with me to work -flowers/kumkum/bangles… Thinking I dont want to answer questions from people. I guess – it doesnt matter. Let them ask – I shall tell why… Time for me to
grow up and not be bothered about some offhanded comment on my faith in God.

(Hmm… me not very impressed with the title. Not able to think of anything better at the moment).


6 thoughts on “Faith Display

  1. I do not think that this display is the right way to go… Inside the office campus, everyone is just an employee and a representative of the employer… There is no room for any religious / spiritual display… All such acts should stop at the company gate…

  2. Rush, I think ones religion is their own. If you want to wear bangles, kumkum and whatever, you should feel free to do so. When all is said and done, office is just a place where we work. Even when we are inside it, we are still the same people. As long as we dont plan to start any bhajans and stuff, I see no reason why you cannot indulge yourself to ur hearts content… I sure do :-)PS: I am unable to add comments to most of ur blogs as my office system forbids it 😦

  3. Nikhil and Sanjana,Yeah I do think that Office is not a place for religious disply (I’ve mentioned that) but what I noticed was that when others do not hesitate to display their faith – why do we hesitate? I know of people who would cringe to just say they had been to the temple/they pray everyday. Why?

  4. I dont agree with it… Any sort of religious display should be avoided in the office… Even if someone else does, I would not do it… Thats the reason there is a dress code in place…

  5. A humble opinion of a person who is becoming more religiously conscious day by day–Dress code and religious beliefs are different. I personally feel, as long as the religious beliefs do not affect a person’s productivity, we have no right to comment on it. This brings to mind the real life story of a policeman in North India who claimed he was Radha, Krishna’s lover, and everyone should woship him(or her). He went to the extent of dressing up as Radha and report to work. It was most hilarious to know that he was allowed to work inspite of all this. In such cases, the person should be disengaged from all his responsibilities and sent home. As far as displaying their religious beleifs( in the form of Bangles, Kumkum etc) are concerned, one should never interfere with it, espeacially in a religiously fanatic and senstitve country like India. SRK.

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