Common Cold Curse

I have it! A bad bad bad case of horrible cold. People say – Oh! U have a cold? It will wear off in a couple of days. But those couple of days are the most horrible days/nights of all. Havent been able to sleep for 2 nights now. Anyways since I couldnt sleep a wink last night – I noticed a couple of things.(and wrote this blog in my head :-p)

I realised I could transfer the heaviness in my head from one side to the other by just sleeping on that side – so that I could breathe through the other nostril for atleast sometime! And having to breathe through the mouth makes me want to drink more water and the result is as I am about to doze off I have this urge to use to the bathroom *aarrrggghhh*.

The sad part is I cant even take leave from work since I’ve already taken 3 days off the last month 😦 And am sitting here with blocked nose, heavy head and watery eyes preparing myself for a meeting in the afternoon, and thinking how in the world am I gonna sit through that meeting. To top it off, the AC is on full blast right on top of my head.Oh Lord! Help me get rid of this thing.

The next time I want to curse someone – I’m going to curse them with the Common Cold!! Hehehe Sadistic but not too harmful – na?


What do you think?

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