A Trip to Wayand

We had heard a lot of good things about this place so we decided to visit it when a friend suggested. Not much to speak of though. We probably went with a lot of expectations…The first let down was that, the place was soo hot that we couldn’t believe that the temperatures were at 0 deg C the previous weekend and we were told that it really will be cold. I had even taken my thermal wear just to be on the safer side!!

There is a Pookot lake which is small and dirty and we really didn’t feel like boating there. Instead we took a walk around the lake and took pictures on fallen trees and the lotus ponds at all corners. It seems to be a favorite place for the young lovers who probably go there to escape from the eyes of parents/relatives.

Then there was this place called ‘Chain Tree’ – which is the most hyped spot I’ve ever come across – folklore has it that a britisher took the help of a tribal and found some place and then killed the tribal near that tree. The ghost of the tribal is supposed to be tied to that tree and that tree just has a chain hanging from the branches. Can you believe it? – It seems, that those think iron chain links supposedly grew out of that tree! I haven’t heard of anything like this ever!

There is a view point called ‘Lakidi View’ which is on the way from Wayanad to Kozhikode. And I felt the view from our own Nandi hills is better than this.

On day 2 we went to Soochipaara falls – took a lot of walking/climbing – which was actually not bad but was crowded with college crowd and unsocial elements that we didn’t even get into the water – just a trek down – 15 mins there and the trek back up – oh Boy! That was tiring.

We also went to Kurava island on the way back which was the only place really worth the visit. Many small islands separated by rivulets of Kabini – and we had to walk across the water to reach from one to the other. The island is supposed to be home of many birds but we didn’t find any. Just had a nice bamboo rafter ride back to the main land. On the way back through the Bandipur forests we saw deer and also heard and elephant which according to my ‘learned’ hubby was a warning for us! :-p. We reached home at 1.30 am on Tuesday – the latest I’ve ever stayed out of the house!

Though the place didn’t have much to offer, We got to spend lots of quality time with friends whom we hadn’t met in more than an year and I also got to play shuttle after more than 10 years.Ofcourse got to taste some Wine and Vodka as there were no parents around for us to worry about (Didn’t know I could hold down 75ml of Vodka!! or 100 ml of Wine!!;-p )

My take on Wayanad? A good getaway if you want to just laze around and relax.


4 thoughts on “A Trip to Wayand

  1. Hey, my friends (almost 40 of them) went to wayanad just last month and they were totally thrilled by the place.. even the fotos they sent across seemed pretty kewl.they did a lot of trekking and hiking and all that too I believe. Will ask them where in wayanad they went.Oh and I sure am most impressed by ur capacity for alcohol…:-D

  2. I completely planned a trip to Wayanad last winter with my friends! Booked everything and on the day before we were supposed to leave, I fell ill! 😦 Since we cudn cancel the bookings, I had to force my frenz to leave!
    Wayanad beckons!! Sooooooon!!!!

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