Update -Indian traffic

Found one more of those bad traffic sense on the journey to and from Wayanad:

# Spitting and throwing from vehicles: Am totally surprised at how uncouth even the so called “educated and cultured” people can be! They travel in posh, AC Skoda Octavias and just lower their windows only to throw orange and banana peels/empty biscuit packets and even cigarettes totally oblivious of the fact that they are on a highway and there are loads of vehicles behind them… Do we then, really need to complain about the villagers who spit out of the bus windows? Who’s going to tell these people that all it takes is to keep a waste cover in their plush car to throw the waste?

Hubby thinks twice before overtaking buses and big vehicles and we do try and overtake the posh cars – just so that we can get a satisfactory glare at them – no matter if they understand or not…


One thought on “Update -Indian traffic

  1. I totally agree mam, we r turning into “uneducated literates” in a modern progressive India.You shud see mumbai… its amazingly dirty, forget the municiple corpn but the people too do not bother to clean this stuff.Dogs are still better than us, atleast they clean the place before they sit, we are worst, we sit on dirt.i dont have anything else to say, after all I am an Indian myself.

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