Of Giggles and Afternoon Suns

My friend Bondie always sends a good morning mail every day – she being in UK for an assignment, I always get that mail late in the afternoon and smile at it.This was what she sent yesterday and it somehow brought back a flood of memories – Of us standing in a shelterless bus stop in the scorching afternoon sun and hungry. All 3 of us – Me, Bondie and Gundu – would stand there and giggle at anything and everything. Me and Gundu would be so deliriously hungry that the sun would get to both of us and what started as a giggle would go on to be a full fledged laughter until we had tears in our eyes! Other village people (yeah,college was in a village) would stare at us and wonder what we found so funny… And our Bondie would glare at us and ask us to shut-up. We used to tease her that she is our mom while we were young pranksters who needed to be kept in check!

How I wish we could again spend a silly afternoon together… Not worried about anything at all and just have a tear filled laughter. Suddenly – I miss both of you, gurlzz…


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