No smoking plz!

Smoking banned in public places – thats what the law says today. But in most offices we see a lot of people (i wont say men – have seen women too) standing in corners called the “smoking zone” and enjoying their cigarettes.

Yesterday evening when I called hubby he said he wanted some fresh air and so walked out of his desk. But to his dismay he found that there were atleast a dozen men standing right outside the entrance of their building-leaving puffs of smoke – where is the fresh air?! Despite repeated requests to the concerned authorities to shift the “smoking zone” to anywhere else other than the main entrance has fallen on deaf ears.

In my office I see a nice hut like structure next to the canteens.On my first day here I thought it would be good to sit there and have my lunch. But later found out that they were designated “smoking zones”! Wow! What luxury! And ofcourse if anyone needs a smoke they would have to walk to these areas to smoke which would take atleast 30 mins to reach the place, have their smoke and come back-so on an average working day considering the person needs to have atleast 2 cigarettes it would take away 1 hr out of the 9 working hrs apart from the 1 hr for lunch!

One very upset friend told me: “I dont go out for cigarette breaks 3 times a day – so I get to complete my work well within my 9 hrs and leave office at the right time – and the manager says I leave early every day!” Hello!- isnt 9 hrs a day the right way to work?

Sad but true – no law and no defined “smoking zones” are going to stop us from passive smoking along with bearing the ‘cigarette mixed with the strong mint’ smell on their clothes.And getting noticed for leaving work at the right time at the end of a tiring day – having completed our work and not taking “cigarette breaks”!


4 thoughts on “No smoking plz!

  1. Great topic and very well put. One thing I have learnt is no amount of education/literacy would stop people from smoking in public places.We are a part of the so called “Elite” class of software engineers, highly educated, earning huge pay packets and yet dont think twice before lighting up in public places(including office campus). Our company is one of the leading MNC’s in the world, providing world class/hassle free/healthy work environment and yet we have to pass through a dense haze of smoke, everyday, just to enter our building. Innumerable complaints to the respective dept has fallen on deaf ears and yet we continue receiving mails about the healthy/stress free work atmosphere. We Indians just dont have the civic sense when it comes to disposing off the cigarette stubs. Some people prefer to nonchanantly throw/hurl it on the road oblivious to the peril it might put other people to. The other day I saw a “gentleman” driving a swanky car throw a half smoked, still burning cigarette onto the road at a traffic signal. A bare-footed beggar lady stepped on it and burnt her foot much to the dismay of the driver who very “courteously” advised her to watch her step and drove away with a smug expression on his face, probably thinking about how the world has gone to dogs and what kind of people constitute it. Nothing else to add now. This smoke-filled life goes on and on and on….

  2. It doesnt matter what the law says there is a bus stop by my house that sits right in front of the police station. I see men (its kinda conservative here and women dont smoke in public :-p)…puff away to their hearts content. Police dont care and no amount of glaring makes any differenceWhen I asked a group of colleagues why it is so necessary for them to smoke everyday.I got a sneer from most of them and one explained “what would you understand, we are all under tremondous pressure most of the time and this is the way we relieve it”… Like we never face any pressure at work or home..hmph!!!I read this phrase somewhere”Smoking helps you lose weight… one lung at a time”

  3. The whole idea of having the smoking zones far away from the work area was to discourage the smokers from going all the way to the zone and smoke… and believe me, it works… one example is urs truly…

  4. One of my friend works in TATA in bombay, thye have a huge spraling campus, and by policy all TATA properties are no smoking !I went to meet this guy once, while talking, my friend tells me, Yaar ! you know i have become very health consious nowadays, i do atleast 3-4 kms brisk walking every day. I was mighty impressed, said way to go man ! hope you continue etx ! then bugger tells me ! Haan yaar, pura campus no smoking bana diya hai, 2 km chal ke bahar jaana padta hai ek cigi ke liye :-)Smokers and Dopers ! do it no matter what 🙂

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